Help children succeed in life with well-balanced life skills.

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WonderGrove gives educators powerful tools to motivate all Pre-K to 2nd Grade students in school and at home!

We provide research-based products that teach social skills and life skills using engaging animated characters to model appropriate behavior for children!

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Our Products

Teachers, counselors, and educators love the WonderGrove animated characters. Witness what educators say about them and why they believe students learn from animated characters.

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How Does it Work?


Preview and Print

Preview the lessons before class. Determine which extension lessons or activities to post or print


Watch Lesson and Discuss

Watch an animation and discuss the lesson as a group. Reinforce with related activities.


CCSS and TEKS alignments

See how to find lessons that align to the CCSS or TEKS standards


The Habits of Mind Instructional Animations are based on extensive research about the effects of animation on a child’s learning. See why it has been proven that teaching with animation actually improves early learning in an impactful way.

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