Summer Safety Tips

Summer is here! Break out the sprinklers, the sparklers, and the ice cream sprinkles. It’s summertime! While you’re out in the sun, remember to stay cool with our super cool summer safety tips.   Hot, Hot, Hot! Summer can get hot. Remind your little ones to keep cool by taking frequent water breaks. Staying hydrated is [...]

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Resources for the Holidays

We’re in the eye of the storm! Or maybe it’s the storm between two eyes? The 2-3 weeks between Thanksgiving and winter break, the awkward monobrow of the school year, wherein students are anxious for the coming vacation and whatever material you’d like to cover will inevitably be competing [...]

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Teaching Native American Heritage in November

In 1990, President Bush declared November a time to recognize the heritage and contributions of North America’s native inhabitants. Dedicating these wintery weeks to the study of Native Americana is a wonderful primer for students, and teachers should endeavor to kindle their interest in our nation’s people year-round. In [...]

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Get Creative for National Writing Month

We’re only a few days into November but there’s already plenty to be thankful for, because November is National Writing Month! Tons of research has been done to correlate the act of writing with mental growth and physical well-being (notably in psychiatry, where the subject is well studied). University [...]

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