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WonderGrove, LLC and the Dual Language Training Institute have teamed up to offer the WonderGrove Learn Dual Language Enrichment (DLE) Solution, a web-based program that gives teachers the opportunity to immerse students in the world of biliteracy. The program provides teachers with a comprehensive selection of instructional animations in both English and Spanish to help children prepare for the daily challenges of life while developing a strong vocabulary in both languages.

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and 54 extension lessons!

Watch 3 episodes of WonderGrove FREE: “Be Quiet When Walking in the Halls”, “Ask the Teacher for Help” and “Line up Quietly”. Click the button below to visit our lessons page where you can view the short animations as well as preview the 54 extension lessons that accompany these animations.

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The WonderGrove Learn DLE Solution offers over 100 video animations and 2,000 extension lesson plans in English and Spanish that teachers can use with the entire class, or with individual students. The easy-to-use DLE extension lessons were developed for WonderGrove by dual language educators. All materials are grade appropriate for Pre-K, Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd grade and are aligned with the Federal Common Core Standards.

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Teachers, counselors, and education professionals love the WonderGrove Studios animated characters. See what educators are saying about them and why they believe students learn from animated characters.

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How Does it Work?


Preview and Print

Preview the lessons before class. Determine which extension lessons or activities to print


Watch Lesson and Discuss

Watch an animated lesson and discuss the story as a group. Follow up with related activities.


CCSS and TEKS alignments

WonderGrove animations align with CCSS and TEKS, see how you navigate these sections.


The WonderGrove Instructional Animations are based on extensive research about the effects of animation on a child’s learning. See why it has been proven that teaching with animation actually improves early learning in an impactful way.

Why use WonderGrove Learn?

Research suggests that regular use of more than one language improves brain development and strengthens a child’s level of executive function. The WonderGrove Learn DLE Solution was created to inspire every child to realize his or her full potential through the use of two languages in all aspects of learning.

Start working with this unique educational tool now!

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