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Prepare your students for the tests of life, not just for a life of tests!

We brought the 16 Habits of Mind to life through captivating animations that give teachers and parents a powerful tool to connect with children in the classroom and at home.

Preview FREE Animation and Learn More!

Preview 1 Free Animation

and 20 printable extension lessons!

Watch the first episode of the 16 Habits of Mind Instructional Animations: “Managing Impulsivity.” Click the button below to visit the lessons page to view the short animation and preview the 20 extension lessons that accompany Managing Impulsivity.

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16 Instructional Animations
336 Printable Extension Lessons
Unique activities for 3 grade levels
Viewable on any web-enabled device
Unlimited use in the classroom or home
Telephone support
Web tutorials

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16 Instructional Animations on DVD or USB
132 Extension Lessons per notebook
Available for pre-k through 2nd grade
No need for Internet access in the classroom
Convenient binding for making copies
Telephone support available

1 Notebook + DVD

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Teachers, counselors, and education professionals love the WonderGrove animated characters. See what educators are saying about them and why they believe students learn from animated characters.

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How Does it Work?


Building a Habit

Building a habit takes repetition and reinforcement. Use one lesson each day like a daily vitamin.


Preview and Print

Preview the lessons before class. Determine which extension lessons or activities to print.


Watch Lesson and Discuss

Watch an animated lesson and discuss the story as a group. Follow up with related activities.


The Habits of Mind Instructional Animations are based on extensive research about the effects of animation on a child’s learning. See why it has been proven that teaching with animation actually improves early learning in an impactful way.

What are the 16 Habits of Mind Instructional Animations?

The Institute for Habits of Mind has teamed up with WonderGrove Studios to produce 16 engaging instructional animations based on the 16 Habits of Mind. These instructional animations come with unique extension lessons for expanded learning and are targeted to children 4-8 years of age.

The 16 Habits of Mind are:
Managing Impulsivity – PREVIEW NOW
Listening with Understanding and Empathy
Thinking Flexibly
Thinking Interdependently
Thinking about your Thinking
Striving for Accuracy
Questioning and Problem Posing
Applying Past Knowledge to New Situations
Thinking and Communicating with Clarity and Precision
Gather Data through all Senses
Creating, Imagining, and Innovating
Responding with Wonderment and Awe
Taking Responsible Risks
Finding Humor
Remaining Open to Continuous Learning

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Meet the Founders!

Meet Dr. Art Costa and Dr. Bena Kallick. 28 years ago, Art and Bena decided to help children become better problem solvers and critical thinkers to meet the challenges of an increasingly complex world. Now they are taking their research to the classroom!

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Start working with this unique educational tool now!

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