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School Readiness

Stand Quietly in Line (1:57)

Know Which School Supplies to Take Home (2:18)

Be Quiet When Walking in the Halls (3:03)

Use Your Inside Voice (1:00)

Put Your Toys Away (2:26)

Understand the Basic School Rules (3:20)

School Rules Are Important (2:47)

We Follow School Rules (2:42)

Social Emotional Learning (SEL)

Always Tell the Truth (3:26)

Sharing with Others (2:25)

Always Be a Good Sport (2:43)

Respect Other People's Stuff (2:55)

Respect Others on the Playground (2:47)

Follow the Rules When Playing a Game (3:15)

Use Polite Words (2:53)

Life Skills

Recycle to Help the Earth (3:06)

Work Together as a Team (1:58)

Fun Ways to Get Moving Outside (2:51)

Breakfast Is Important (3:05)

Save Water to Help the Earth (2:49)

You Can Dress Yourself (3:18)

Help in the Kitchen (2:18)

Help in the Yard (2:41)

Stay Seated in a Restaurant (2:25)

Make a Homemade Garden (3:15)

Health and Science

Wash Your Hands (3:11)

Cover Your Mouth When You Cough (2:33)

How Do You Know if You're Sick? (1:07)

Get a Good Night's Sleep (2:58)

We Have Five Senses (3:25)

What Does Sugar Do to Your Body? (3:16)

A Visit to the Doctor is Good (1:48)

How Much Sugar is in Soda? (1:44)

Why We Must Drink Water (3:06)

Cat Chat: Learning About Cats (1:54)


Always Wear a Helmet (2:17)

Obey Crosswalk Signals (2:47)

Look Both Ways Before Crossing (2:23)

Always Wear Your Seatbelt (2:12)

Know What to Do If You Get Lost (2:58)

Be Safe Around Animals (2:34)

Don't Talk to People You Don't Know (4:12)

Be Careful with Electricity (2:41)

How to Be Safe When Exploring the Outdoors (2:49)

"Put Your Seatbelt On" Music Video (1:37)


Choose Vegetables & Fruits for Each Weekday (2:53)

Fruits That Match the Colors of the Rainbow (3:09)

A Healthy Snack is Ants on a Log (2:59)

Being Creative with Vegetables (2:26)

How to Order a Balanced Meal (2:54)

Superfoods to the Rescue!: Blueberries (1:26)

Superfoods to the Rescue!: Oats (2:04)

Superfoods to the Rescue!: Pumpkins (1:22)

Guess the Snack (2:51)

Let's Talk About Oranges (1:46)

Make a Fruit Parfait for a Healthy Breakfast (2:22)

Superfoods to the Rescue!: Walnuts (2:00)

Superfoods to the Rescue!: Yogurt (2:20)

Dolch Vocabulary words

"A" (Pre-Primer) (1:12)

"And" (Pre-Primer) (0:44)

"Away" (Pre-Primer) (0:41)

"Big" (Pre-Primer) (0:45)

"Blue" (Pre-Primer) (1:12)

"Can" (Pre-Primer) (0:41)

"Come" (Pre-Primer) (1:08)

"Down" (Pre-Primer) (0:42)

"Find" (Pre-Primer) (0:46)

"For" (Pre-Primer) (0:40)

"Funny" (Pre-Primer) (1:12)

"Go" (Pre-Primer) (0:46)

"Help" (Pre-Primer) (0:51)

"Here" (Pre-Primer) (0:43)

"In" (Pre-Primer) (0:44)

"Is" (Pre-Primer) (1:08)

"Jump" (Pre-Primer) (0:43)

"Little" (Pre-Primer) (0:45)

"Look" (Pre-Primer) (1:12)

"Make" (Pre-Primer) (0:37)

"Me" (Pre-Primer) (1:15)

"My" (Pre-Primer) (0:42)

"Not" (Pre-Primer) (0:38)

"One" (Pre-Primer) (0:46)

"Play" (Pre-Primer) (0:43)

"Red" (Pre-Primer) (1:12)

"Run" (Pre-Primer) (1:12)

"Said" (Pre-Primer) (1:12)

"See" (Pre-Primer) (0:45)

"The" (Pre-Primer) (1:12)

"Three" (Pre-Primer) (0:45)

"To" (Pre-Primer) (0:40)

"Up" (Pre-Primer) (0:46)

"We" (Pre-Primer) (0:38)

"Where" (Pre-Primer) (0:46)

"Yellow" (Pre-Primer) (1:12)

"You" (Pre-Primer) (0:39)

"All" (Primer) (0:46)

"Ate" (Primer) (0:42)

"Pretty" (Primer) (0:48)

"Did" (Primer) (0:47)

"Good" (Primer) (0:45)

"Now" (Primer) (0:46)

"There" (Primer) (0:51)

"Under" (Primer) (0:39)

"Want" (Primer) (0:46)

"Well" (Primer) (0:52)

"Who" (Primer) (0:51)


Exercise Three Times a Week (3:16)

Jumping is a Fun Way to Exercise (3:13)

Warm Up Before You Exercise (2:28)

Use Balance to Strengthen Your Body (2:40)

Get Yourself Ready for Soccer (2:53)

WonderGrove Workout: Kite and Star Stretches (2:44)

WonderGrove Workout: Spine and Back Stretches (3:09)

Move Your Body (1:38)

Music Videos

"Put Your Seatbelt On" Music Video (1:37)

"Use Your Imagination" Music Video (1:11)

Be Honest (1:30)

Don't Answer the Door (2:31)

Eat Breakfast Every Morning (1:05)

Little Blue (2:03)

Put Your Toys Away (1:14)

Soap and Water (1:24)

When You Cross the Street (1:12)

WonderGrove Sing-Along (1:03)

Jack & Jill Music Video (1:14)

Creative Play

Funny Stuff Kids Say! (1:57)

Go Outside and Play (0:40)

Albert Einstein: Follow the Rules (0:35)

John Wayne: Courage (0:53)

Rhyming Words in the -ive Family (2:44)

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